Signature Temple Activation

An enchanting + unforgettable evening of Dark DNA Activation hosted by Master Code Holder, Seer, and Dark Goddess of Consciousness, Lorna J.

When: Saturday, June 15th at 4pm - 11pm CST (with optional Luxury VIP Brunch with Lorna J on June 16th)
Where: Venue
It’s all happening right here: 
Loft on Lake 1366 WEST LAKE STREET, CHICAGO, IL, 60607
Date/Time (because we’re pretending Time exists): Saturday, June 15th. 4-11pm CST
 The closest garage is a 3 minute walk to the event. If you click here you can pre-pay for parking at a significantly reduced rate than the day of.
What: An evening of Dark Awakening (think: Burning Man meets Cirque Du Soleil meets Tony Robbins meets Oprah)

The Summoning

The change you hunger for will no longer happen in your mind and mental space alone.

Your body must be upgraded.

This is why you crave immersive experiences.

Ache for the experiential euphoric.

Your genius frequency will only come through a synchronized body-mind channel. And that can only happen when the physical and spiritual blueprints collect in real time.

To accomplish this spiritual architecture of the highest dis-order (in other words, to build a home for chaos), the body must be engaged at its own temple vibration, and this happens through the synchrony of its physical senses, which are ready to “speak” a higher language, so that the brain can open to new channels of experience in which

sights are felt

sounds are tasted

scents are seen and

texture is heard.

When this happens, the God Palate is awakened.

A new taste for the Dark Divine is switched in, replacing the staggering and heavy desire for stale, over-processed energetic nutrition only available on the Light Grid.

A natural hunger for the generative deep, the chaotic magic of the God Mind, and the currency of bespoke consciousness is unleashed.

And our Creative Will unlocks to work its magic on all the planes at once.

The First SIGNATURE TEMPLE ACTIVATION, an unprecedented Act of Magic and Takeover of Consciousness, is occurring in Chicago on June 15, 2019.

This is the Year of the New, the Dark, the Body.

The Time of your SIGNATURE TEMPLE.

The Self-Assigned Stamp of your Portal of Divinity.

The centerless center.

The Holy of Holies.

Your most inbuilt, intimate house of spiritual architecture that streams your absoluteness.

Your Dark Genius.

And the body holds the access points.

In its physical stillness.

In the only expression of You that does not carry the codes of Light. The impulse of Life.

Not your chakras.

Not your DNA.

Not your aura.

Not the seventeen Fields of Energy that swirl around your physical form.  

No, the opening

to the Dark Divine

is in your bones.

More specifically, your backbone.

In other words, your Divine Standing.

This is what I want.

If you could bring your bones to this Dark Party of Awakening and leave your body behind, that would be sufficient.

But as it is, you must bring your body, and we will make good use of it.

We will dance it.

We will ring it with sound.

We will fool it into disorientation of a higher order.

We will explode it into an infinite portal of diamonds.

It and the mind. They will be encircled in the Circus of Consciousness.

And in the meantime, I will be at its bones.

Switching them finally on so they irradiate

with your DarkDNA

which uses them as its home away from home.

So that what was always true will now be realized.

And so you can say

to all the askers

the skeptics

the detractors

all of whom live nowhere

but within:

Be silent.

I have a New Dark Body.

And genius is in my bones.

Love and Blacklight,

-The Dark